7 Keys for Families of the Immaculate

7 Keys the Family of the Immaculate


The whole world will belong to the Immaculate! - prophesied Saint Maximilian Kolbe. This Knight of Mary dreamed of conquering the world by building Cities of Mary. Today in the city of man, in which Satan breaks in, we build round towers to store the treasures of faith. This is the Family of the Immaculate that Father Kolbe thought of!

  • Daily entrusting everything to Mary
  • Daily prayer together
  • Daily reading God’s Word
  • Regular confession
  • Imitation of Mary’s virtues
  • Building family ties
  • Retreats and meetings for families
  • Families of the Immaculate

    Our Program to Save the World

    We decide here:

    • about values,
    • about speech,
    • about spending time,
    • about priorities.

    Satan and his servants have no right to enter here.

    Our Marian spirituality will remain in our children:

    • so that God is Number One,
    • and Heaven is the most important goal.

    New generations are raised up in our families, who in turn will form their own families

    – new Families of the Immaculate.


    Marian Retreats for Families

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    Days of Family Faith

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    Help for the Family

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    Married Couples Weekend

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    Round Towers

    Glendalough TowerKilmacduagh Tower


    Evil will not conquer our families, as in ancient times it could not conquer the “round towers” that stood in monasteries scattered around Ireland. The invaders destroyed the walls, plundered the monastic towns, but the monks and church treasures were safe. The Blessed Sacrament, holy books,Marian images survived safe in round towers – the last places of refuge.

    WE KNOW!As the battle rages on we must focus on building the fortress
    – the place of refuge. The FAMILY.

    WE KNOW! The most important thing is to protect our family against evil.
    The FAMILY entrusted to the Immaculate.


    The Immaculate Heart of Mary
    in all things faithful to God.
    Victory is with this Heart.
    The Faith of the Early Church was saved
    by this Heart on Holy Saturday.
    The Immaculate Heart will also save it
    during the final battle

    The FAMILY, let it become like the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary. Devoted to Her, entrusted to Her, learning to live like Her, saying yes to God and no to Satan – always and till the end.

    Such a FAMILY will win over evil. It will change us, our Nation and change the world. It will affect history.

    Marian Initiatives for Families
    help in becoming a Family of the Immaculate

    Marian Initiatives for Families 2019

    MRfF 2019

    • Weekly retreat for families with the Militia of the Immaculata teaching
    • Loading of "spiritual batteries" (prayers, conferences for parents, talks for children and teenagers)
    • strengthening and rebuilding Family Relationships, Wedding Vow Renewal
    • Family "Max" Olympics (unusual competitions, real medals)

    Days of Family Faith

    • Three day Family meeting with the Militia of the Immaculata teaching
    • Mass, celebrations and services - to be closer to God
    • time for spouses - reflection on family relationships
    • conferences, lectures - to deepen knowledge about marriage, family, upbringing...
    • exchange of experiences with other families

    Help for the Family

    • Three day family meeting for thouse struggling with various difficulties in life
    • A meeting with fathers and mothers who for various reasons must raise their children without their spouse
    • meeting people who want to pray for families in a difficult situation
    • Jesus Therapeutical Method - sacraments, adoration, conversation


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